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CAP 29 So Far


This thread is open for WIPs, comments, and final submissions for the design of CAP 29. Over the course of the art thread, CAP will decide on the defining moves, and base stats. While the art thread is open now, we recommend that you follow along the competitive process and to hold off on investing heavily into a design until defining moves and base stats are decided upon.

Posting Rules

***All material in both the main design and supporting material must be your own. Using another piece of art for inspiration is allowed, but derivative art is not, and blatant plagiarism will result in warnings or bans depending on the severity.***

Collaborative material (such as work made by multiple artists or a vision and art direction by a non-artist and execution by an artist) is not permitted.

Posting Frequency

Intentionally or unintentionally, thread-hogging tends to be more prevalent in the art submission thread compared to other CAP threads. In order to ensure that everyone has a reasonable chance to showcase their designs and air their opinions, thread-hogging will be moderated. If you wish to add new comments or art, but don't want to hog the thread, please consider editing your most recent post to add new content.

Posting Rules: Artists
  • Artists can post any work-in-progress (WIP) artwork in order to solicit feedback or to help develop ideas. WIP artwork does not need to conform to the standards of a Main Design. It can be in any medium or stage of completion, but it must be related to an original art design by the poster.
  • Do not post to state your intended design. You may not reserve an idea for yourself.
  • Do not post questions asking for help in making art. For art resources on Smogon, check out Smeargle's Studio.
  • Do not post inconsequential updates to designs. Only if you have made a significant change should you post an update in the thread.
  • Do not bump art or beg for feedback. If no one comments on your design, consider the silence to be your feedback. Also, check out the CAP Discord channel or the CAP PS Room for open real-time discussion on CAP art.
  • Images posted are subject to the following rules:
    • They must be in .jpg, .png, or .gif format.
    • They must be hosted on a reliable image hosting service (such as Smogon forums or Imgur). Do not use the 'Attach a photo' tool on messaging apps (e.g. Discord). Do not use Iaza or Ezimba.
  • Each post should contain no more than one (1) full-sized image, meaning:
    • The image is at most 640 pixels in both width and height.
  • Artists should post links to additional art or use linking thumbnails. Each thumbnail can be no larger than 160 pixels in either dimension. Any number of thumbnails can be included in a post.
  • The sizing rules apply to the original image only. Using the forum "resize" tool will not change the original size of the image.
  • The use of hide tags does not circumvent or alter any of the image posting rules.
Posting Rules: Commenters
  • Please DO post constructive feedback for artists.
  • Do not post ideas or images to serve as inspiration for artists or attempt to commission an artist in the thread to render your idea.
  • Do not declare any artwork as "the winner" or make similar comments to that effect. Such posts are insulting to all the other competing artists.
  • Do not comment that a design does or does not "look like a Pokemon/Digimon". There is no artistic style guide for Pokemon and therefore such comments are unable to be substantiated or refuted.
  • Do not repost images from the thread. When quoting a post, remove any images.
Final Submission Post

All artists must make a final submission post conforming to the following rules, including those for the Main Design, in order to be included in the art poll.
  • The post must have "Final Submission" (in bold) as the first line, the Main Design included in image tags below that.
  • Any supporting material, if applicable, must be in a section below the main design with the header "Supporting Material". Including this header gives you an additional link back to your submission post from the poll.
  • All supporting art must be included as links or as linked thumbnails no larger than 160 pixels in either dimension. Do not include full images of supporting art in the final submission.
  • Only make one (1) final submission post. Artists are welcome to work on multiple designs and get feedback from the community, but only one design can be submitted for final consideration. If you wish to alter any aspect of your final submission, then edit your post. Do not make a new one, even if you delete your original post. Any deleting and re-posting will be treated as bumping and is subject to moderation.
By making a final submission:
  • The artist gives the CAP project permission to use the submitted art for CAP and related projects. The artist also consents that the design can be interpreted by other artists for the CAP project and for other promotional purposes.
  • Should the design become the winning design, the artist should be prepared to answer any flavor questions about his/her design for the remainder of the CAP cycle. This includes but is not limited to:
    • 3D model
    • Pokedex data (weight/height/color)
Artists cannot submit any artwork that has been previously or that is currently used by another project not affiliated with CAP. The winning CAP artist agrees to not later use the winning design for another project or contest not affiliated with CAP.

Main Design

The main design is intended to follow the same general posing and layout as the "Official Art" for existing in-game Pokemon. It must be suitable for display on the CAP Pokedex section of the CAP Website and any other CAP propaganda where a picture of the Pokemon is needed.

The comparison to 'Official Pokemon Art' is only applicable to the basic content of the main design; it does not imply any standards or guidelines regarding artistic style or rendering technique.

The following rules of content must be followed for the Main Design:
  • The image must consist of a single Pokemon on a plain white background. The background cannot be transparent.
  • The image must be a 2D digital or scanned traditional drawing. 3D media and photos are not allowed. Pixel art is permitted, as long as it is not intended to mimic the look of in-game sprites.
  • No part of the Pokemon may be cut off by the canvas.
  • The Pokemon must be in full color.
  • The design must have a distinct outline on the entire subject in contrast to the subject and background. Colored outlines are allowed but must not obstruct the clarity of the design.
  • No part of the design can be blurred into the background or blended into the background in any way.
  • No props, action effects, move effects, or additional objects can be rendered on or around the Pokemon. If a prop is part of the Pokemon's basic design (i.e. Conkeldurr's pillars), then it is acceptable.
  • The image must not include offensive or obscene imagery, or be intended to mock or insult the project or other users.
  • The image must be in .jpg, .png or .gif format.
  • The image must be at least 320 pixels and at most 640 pixels in both width and height.
  • The image without whitespace must be at least 50% of the width and height of the canvas.
  • The image must be hosted on a reliable image hosting service (such as Smogon forums or Imgur). Do not use the 'Attach a photo' tool on messaging apps (e.g. Discord). Do not use Iaza, Ezimba.
The rules for main designs will be strictly enforced. Do not make comparisons to in-game Pokemon designs or to past CAP designs to determine if your design is in compliance with these rules. Some in-game Pokemon designs and past CAP designs do not conform with the current CAP art submission rules, and emulating those designs is not an acceptable excuse for breaking the strict interpretation of the current rules.

Supporting Material

There are almost no rules when it comes to supporting material. Action scenes, movement studies, interaction with other Pokemon, animations, sculptures, and cartoon strips are all allowed. Non-art supporting material is also allowed. This includes detailed descriptions of the art, background data, stories, etc. All supporting art and information must be related to the main design in some way.


EDIT: Art submissions are due 96 hours after Stats Poll results are posted.

Art Polls

All art polls will contain the Main Design and, if applicable, a link below it titled "Supporting Material". This will link to the artists final submission post, if applicable. All final submissions conforming to the rules above will be slated.
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This post was automatically generated using mackerel magic!

To have your art displayed here, please begin your post with WIP or Final Submission, followed by the image to be displayed!
This list does NOT identify if your submission is valid or not.

Collage Link:











Explosion Badger

Glacios Ionic


Gravity Monkey







Magikarpet ride




Missing Dev 0







Psy the Psychic Boss













The Metric System








flying moose



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Hey artists, it's me, Birkal! I'm the Topic Leader (TL) for CAP29, and I just wanted to affirm the deadline that Quanyails posted in the OP. The intention is that this thread will close roughly 48 hours after we determine the stats of CAP29. We're already a bit late for Art Submissions this time around, as normally this would be open before Ability Discussion. But due to our concept, we were forced to decide our ability before our typing. From the competitive CAP contributors here on Smogon, we apologize for this shortened timeline for you to draw. I still think we'll have a good chunk of time to get art submissions all set, but be warned that it might feel like a shorter submission period than any CAP before.

I also wanted to clarify the bit about Secondary Ability in the deadline. In the CAP29 Concept Assessment 2 thread, the community decided that we would not have a secondary ability for CAP29. There was a lot of discussion around it, but we ultimately believed that it would detract from working with Color Change as our defective ability. However, I left the door open for Tadasuke (the Ability TL) to reinstitute a CAP29 Secondary Ability Discussion if he felt the need. In our conversations together (Tadasuke and I), we still find this optional discussion to be unnecessary at the present moment. Therefore, it is my current prediction that CAP29 will not have a Secondary Ability Discussion, meaning you should indeed plan to have your art submission finalized by the end of Stat Polls. I have no reason to suspect at this point in time that we will have a secondary ability, but it's worth noting that it still might theoretically happen. As many of you know, making a competitive Pokemon is sometimes more art than science, so there's just no way for me to predict with 100% certainty how this secondary ability stuff will ultimately work out. My recommendation would be to stay loose and keep tabs on the pulse of the competitive community as we move forward in these upcoming weeks. If I catch wind of a Secondary Ability Discussion brewing, I will notify you all as soon as I can.

Thanks for your understanding. I think the world of y'all. Best of luck drawing!
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I'm sure others have made the poison/dark oil slick take, but here's mine! Based on wildlife getting caught in an oil slick :( Wanted to make it kind of indistinguishable in form, but he ended up kind of bird (specifically flamingo) like. Might go for a more ambiguous bird/turtle shape!

I have got the sorta frame of the art done! My plans are to make a demon (dark) with poison bubbles on it.
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Final Submission

Bow Down to the Cruel Prince of Mimicry!

In designing this CAP, I’ve taken the Kecleon approach in its method of showing Color Change through its design. Many Cephalopods like Squids and Octopus have some of the most breathtaking color changing abilities in the animal kingdom, so it’s only natural that inspiration would be taken from them. Squids also lend themselves to the poison typing, as many of them have a toxic bite, along with the design’s bright barbs on its tentacles.

The Dark Typing was portrayed through a secondary theming with this adorable squid fella, his villainous prince appearance. Sporting a devilishly fancy look in bowtie tentacles, and a pompadour crescendoing into his crown, he loves to keep up appearances.

This fella was super fun to design, and I wish the best of luck to every other submission! They’re looking quite excellent! Below are some development drawings and supplementary art.

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Temporary File.png

Three ideas to start:

Top left: Oil spills are iridescent, so they change color nicely, and oil fits nicely with Dark/Poison. I made layered oil spills into the ruffles of a flamenco dancer's dress. '3' I then made the hands castanets and gave it some slug imagery. This design would be a slug/crustacean that adapted to human-made oil spills. Unfortunately, we already have a flamenco Pokemon in the form of Oricorio, and I'm hesitant about designing another gastropod to CAP's lineup, so I think this idea would require a lot of changes. At least, I need to give it a face. :P

Inspirations include:
  • Bikini Bottom (Spongebob Squarepants)
  • Gastroliath (Pipotchi)
  • Petreleum (Yokaiju)
  • Rose Quartz (Steven Universe)

Middle right: Dyed hair was another idea I had for a Pokemon that could change color, so I made a Salazzle × Alolan Muk emo punk fashion lizard. At the moment, the design doesn't have a strong "impression", and it shares a lot of the same space with Salazzle and Drizzile (not to mention that one of my submissions, Astrolotl, is also a feminine lizard-like design), so I'm gonna rework it a lot.

Inspirations include:
  • Stork (Storm Hawks)
  • Susie (Deltarune)

Bottom: This design came about as a synthesis of the two above designs. I asked myself if I could make a design with oil hair, but that just made me think of people with greasy hair... and greasy people in general. Well, what greasier is a used car salesman that's a literal shark? This guy will gladly tailor his impossibly tacky leisure suit to fit your needs. He's on your side, really! He won't bite!

Inspirations include:

Thanks to Googer for feedback and inspiration!


I think I'll hold tight and see which setup move CAP 29 will have before investing in a particular design. '3'
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Blanket Octopus lady. She can change the color of her gown. Wanted to convey snobby rich aunt vibes, haha.

A simple design based on the Microchirus Ocellatus, a type of venomous (or poisonous im not sure) flatfish, with a very recognisable patern on its back that i made look like a lot of those scary leech-like teeths that can also move since the fish controls how its scales look.

it uses those apttern to intimidate predators while also using the special properties of its scale as camouflage.

It also has eyed, tho they are very hard ti spot
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Oh boy, here we go again! As early as abilities were being discussed I scribbled a few ideas for most of the abilities slated. Colour Change was going to be a painter-themed lizard who'd use its tongue as a brush and a frill as a palette to get pigments from. Now that it's Dark/Poison and likely to be a bulky setup sweeper, he's ditched the fine arts for some rough and gruff tattoo artistry! Aside from the painting tongue his talons also reference tattoo needles which he uses to inject patterns into his skin, thus changing his colour. Anatomy subject to change depending on how physical or special we're leaning.

Supporting Art (yes, already)
Initial art lizard idea
CAP 29 being a bro for his Colour Change cousin


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SUPER WIP and also rather large image
based on how reindeer seek out psychedelic mushrooms and on decomposing mushrooms/chronic wasting disease
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Very rough, needs a lot of rethinking, I just wanted to throw this lil guy out there for some critiques. It’s based on a masked assassin, changing his face as needed. Might try and give the masks different flairs and such? Also I wasn’t sure what to do with the head, so he’s got a floof.
PLEASE give lots of critiques and ideas. Very open. Will be doing the same for others soon.
House_of_Radiance I actually don't think you need 'flairs' on the masks. The eyes alone are plenty expressive, and if you want, you can switch up their positioning to communicate different emotions, like drama masks. 2 things I'd suggest: one is to think up a face that exists behind the mask (even if it is only seen in supporting art or the like), even something simple that is left up to the imagination, like Mimikyu's glow eyes
. Two is to add some kind of upper limb. Maybe a pair of disembodied hands, or even claws that are just attached to the ends of the poncho. I like this design a lot. It's spooky (while still being Dark/Poison) and Calyrex-y in a way that I think just works.

The design I'm developing is based on a decorator crab. To downplay the ocean origin and make it a dark type, I tried to design it to be a vaguely crablike evil spirit sort of thing that covers itself with toxic monsters to blend into the night (and wherever else it goes). Those monsters are inspired by sea anemones, algae, and tunicates, but they are meant to look somewhat amorphous so one could imagine them changing color, while still being specific enough to look poisonous.

Things I'm not certain about include:
  • How much should I emphasize the color changing ability of the monsters vs having them be multicolored to start? Currently I'm doing a bit of both, but I've considered making all of them the same starting color and depicting a wave of new color sweeping over them.
  • Is three separate species of beasties too much?
  • Do the beasties look toxic enough?
  • Does the crab look dark enough or is it too ghost-like (or too water-like)?
I know that I don't like the color of the tunicate monsters--they were initially pink and they looked terrible, but after trying to fix it they now just resemble the color of their host. I will play with the colors more if and when I have time to make the design on a computer.
And the crab is too much like Gengar. Purple was not a good choice, at least with that face.
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oil slick blue dragon sea slug thing

gonna make it more goopy and use oil slick colors but this is the general idea


Banned deucer.


Had a couple ideas of my own floating around in my creative space. First one was a bioluminescent saber-tooth panther, partly inspired by gaming keyboards. Second was a rainbow tar pit sauropod based on the Mokele-mbembe, whose name apparently translates to either "one that stops the river" or "rainbow," depending on the source. Third one's a masked vigilante oil paint salamander/lizard, with some obvious inspirations from a certain bat-suited detective. And the last one's currently a bit simpler than the other three, but it's a malevolent paint genie inhabiting an old paint can.

I'll probably wait and see where stats go before devoting myself to one of them, but I'd love to hear which one you guys think I should go with!
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My main idea here was a mon based on an anole (a lizard with big spiky-looking throat thing and that is also capable of changing color). I made it really top-heavy and gave it a weird face to avoid similarities to other lizard mons from Gen 8 (Inteleon and Toxtricity). Additionally, frog and salamander elements were brought into the mix to give it more of a poisonous animal aspect.

This design is still quite WIP and I don't have a color scheme in mind yet, so suggestions are welcome.
CAP 29.png

Here it is, My design for CAP 29! This design takes the form of a cuttlefish to start, but also draws on Hedorah from Godzilla, an alien smog monster with lethal toxins, seemingly malevolent actions, and the ability to change its form, all of which seem like good descriptors for a Dark/Poison type with Color Change! additionally, it takes some inspiration from oil spills as well. please give me any criticism you feel neccesary, this is my first CAP design and I want to know how to best improve it.
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It's based off of a Malagasy Rainbow Frog and a Rorschach Inkblot Test. I'd imagine it would copy the colors of whatever it touches with its tongue. The "inkblot" smog around its face would be a poisonous cloud that could also change color.

EDIT 1: Took some advice. Made it quadrupedal to balance the design out. Changed the base color to purple and made the symbols on the body glow in rainbow. Removed tongue from base art. Made the miasma around its head have an outline (think Gastly) in case it was not allowed.
EDIT 2: Redrew line-art and shading. Changed pattern to more resemble Malagasy frog.
Old: PoisonDark1.pngPoisonDark4.png
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Here are my two designs so far.

First one is a disgruntled poisonous ink blob, nothing too fancy. Just thought to design something that I usually don't.

The second one is a very stressed Cephalopod artist. Tried to capture how at first an artist would normally be inspired, happy and hyped to art while eventually fading into depression and going I HATE EVERYTHING after grinding gestures for 10 hours and still not being able to art.

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(not sure how much itll look like im copying golurk and yilx but here goes) Sketch of an idea, it's a graffiti sheriff alien thing. Took some inspiration from EVE from WALL-E, i'm pretty happy with how the silhouette came out. Also proud of the fact that it's a "cute" design that kinda fits Poison/Dark Color Change, hopefully the colors will push the Dark type further.
(EDIT: Colors added, am working on implementing feedback from Mos-Quitoxe, Darek851, and MrDollSteak, ty guys :D)

Some feedback on some of the other designs

Morghulis: I love the concept of this! I think right now it's a little hard to differentiate between the different parts of the body, and I think the colors of the highlight bits are too iridiscent and bright for Pokemon, even if it's an oilspill. The main thing i think you need though is a focal point, there's a lot of empty space with the design and a lack of interesting features and a focal point would help with that while keeping that indistinguishable silhouetty feel you have

NoahOITJ: Really like this design, I think it ticks a lot of the right boxes for me and a lot of other people. I think the one thing that bothers me is the high level of saturation on a lot of the parts of the design, I feel like it kinda dilutes the professionalism you've got through the rest of the design

Quanyails: Oooo i really like your second design! I think the with the first one you might want a bit of a clearer silhouette, and I think some of the parts feel a bit visually confusing at first glance. (also love the fourth design you posted on disc :3)

StephXPM: I think this is one of the most solid designs out there, really cool interpretation of the typing. I think it lacks visual hints towards color change though, maybe a gradient on the gown or different colored pearls coul work?

DrifblooomCF: I think the concept is really cool, something along the lines of Stunfisk! However, I think the pose right now isn't doing you many favors... at first glance the image doesn't look very much like a living breathing alive creature, and you have to explain it for someone to start liking it. Which isn't a bad thing all the time, but I feel like it doesn't work very well in CAP due to the voter based system. Imo you could look at mons like stunfisk and Whiscash on how to make a "flat" mon work.

Shadowshocker: Going to keep this a lil brief since you got a lot of feedback on the CAP discord that I agree with for the most part. I love the sketch, perfect for a Poison/Dark C-change mon! I think I'm a bit less fond of the colored version you posted on Discord though, I think there's a lack of saturation with them and a lack of hue difference, which imo contributes to a design looking kinda "samey" throughout.

JAGFL: Love this! Super cute, maybe not the best fit for Dark type, but love it all the same! I think rn the main problem is that mushrooms are rather reminiscent of the grass type but I still think you can make it work, I trust you :D

House_of_Radiance: Changing masks is a really interesting interpretation of Color Change! I think rn my main issue is that it's a little uninteresting due to the lack of detail (i think my design also has this issue and i'm working on that) and there aren't that many dark type cues.

SunMYSER: Really neat, I think this is one of your best designs so far! I think if I were you I'd try to push a focal point, rn it seems to be a little all over the place. I'm also not sure about the lighting, there's a lack of light source and theres iridiscence coming from everywhere which you should try to avoid imo

flying moose: I like the new claw machine idea a lot more, I think you could make the toys bit a little less complex though, mons like Garbodor might be a good reference for how to make something look chaotic but also pokemon-y

This is all I have time for rn, but I just want to say that you guys should join the CAP discord, there are tons of people there willing to give feedback and we love new artists :D.
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Some Design thoughts on some other people's designs:

StephXPM Too humanoid at the moment. If you cover up the face it looks pretty much like a person. Maybe make the clothes more tentalcle-y, or dial back the clothes so that it invokes a robe but is actually part of the creature's body.
DrifblooomCF Really nice color scheme that really makes you believe the flounder will flash to different color, but it does need a discernible face. Otherwise it just looks too amorphous.
NoahIOTJ Nice squid, though I'm not sure I'm a fan of the multiple pairs of eyes. I really like how you designed the tentacles.
Slapperfish OMG the tar slick sauropod is AWESOME. Everything about it. The other designs are cool too but they look more like they're made of multicolored sludge, whereas the sauropod really invokes the iridescent sheen of an oil slick.
PsychLantern Nice lizard that does a really good job at differentiating itself from the others. It's a little hard to see they typing connection now but I'm sure colors will help a lot.
sgtxam Really nice frog, and extremely clever combination with a Rorschach test. Right now it looks a little unbalanced/top/heavy, like it won't be able to stand without falling over, and you could probably up the rainbow aspect a bit, but other than that I love it.
Explosion Badger It's super cool, but it looks a little... elephantine? Especially with the tusks. And there are so many ripples all over its body that it's starting to lose the cuttlefish. I think you can safely tone it down while still having it look poisonous.
Sunfished We are so overdue for a Glaucus atlanticus pokemon. Really glad to see you trying this path. Right now I think it looks too much like a water type though. I think it may be that it's very plesiosaurian, moreso than nudibranchian actually. Maybe reducing the neck and leaning into the amorphous quality of the wings (rather than making them paddle-like) would help.
Yilx I'm personally not a fan of gjinka designs so I much prefer the ink blob. If you do go with the gjinka maybe de-emphasize or eliminate the skirt so that the human and cephalopod elements are more blended.


As for my design, I'm sticking with a creature that covers itself in color-changing amorphous cuties, but I'm trying to decide if I want to stick with the decorator crab or try something weirder. Specifically... a claw machine.

Since claw machines aren't naturally venomous, I gave the color-changing toys lots of spikes and barbels that I will probably be a permanent purple. Same with the claws on the control-lever fingers, and maybe on the claw mouth as well.

Any thoughts on which design I should use, or how to improve a design, are appreciated.
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Couldn't get the concept of oil spill + oil painting out of my head for this one. Colour scheme was difficult but hopefully this communicates Dark/Poison well enough. Gonna redraw it in a nicer style when submissions are nearing a close.

Edit: to clarify, if it wasn't obvious, the smaller drawings are other perspectives of the main design (back view and side view).
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